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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Underfloor Heating This Winter

With energy prices reaching levels that have never been seen before, people are looking for alternative ways to make their money stretch further without having to sacrifice staying warm. Underfloor heating can provide individuals and families with the best of both words, and this is just one of the reasons why it’s such a popular choice in current times.

You can choose from a wide range of beautiful bespoke bathroom installers in Essex if you’re considering underfloor heating in your own home. There are more heating options now than ever, some more efficient than others, so instead of relying on radiators, take advantage of the benefits that come with underfloor heating – this winter especially.



  1. Greater efficiency

Because underfloor heating systems are one of the most efficient types of heating, they are popular choices for those who have heat pumps already installed on their properties. These heat pumps radiate ground-level heat that rises, cutting convection losses that are commonly associated with traditional radiators. As well as this, you’re also heating up the floor that will retain the heat even when the heating is off, keeping a room warmer for a longer period of time.

Underfloor heating can also help individuals reduce their general emissions and costs. Research shows that this will help to reduce up to a third of both fuel costs and carbon dioxide emissions when compared with traditional radiators. This means that you’ll be able to heat your whole home with just heat pumps which are more than three times more efficient than boilers.

  1. The ability to live off the grid

As we’ve already established, heat source pumps are a lot more energy-efficient than traditional systems of heating, and underfoot heating systems use even less energy than traditional radiators. This combination allows you to get a warm home that is powered by renewable energy.

Often, people combine underfloor heating with other systems like geothermal energy sources like ground-source heat pumps. This can lower fuel bills in areas that maybe don’t have access to mains gas, allowing you to keep your home warm without having to suffer with super high electricity bills.

You may find that you qualify for a renewable heat incentive that offsets the installation costs over time. whether you have an air source heat pump or a ground source one, it’s worth looking into!

Alongside this, underfloor heating takes up virtually no room, especially in comparison with bulky traditional radiators. When living off the grid you’ll find that the last thing you want to be thinking about is how to utilise space.

  1. Improved comfort in general

If you currently or have previously had a typical radiator, you’ve probably noticed that the further you get away from it, the cooler it gets. The best thing about underfloor heating – or should we say, ONE of the best things – is that it heats the entire room to the same temperature.

Similarly, underfloor heating systems completely get rid of draughts you might find in your house. This results in a more comfortable feeling because not only is the room the same temperature throughout, but you’ll be able to open your windows to let some fresh air in without worrying about the loss of energy to the same extent that you would if your space was heated by radiators alone.

Another benefit of underfloor heating is that it works incredibly quickly. The majority of these solutions can actually heat up a whole room in less than twenty minutes. If this isn’t enough to incentivise you to invest in underfloor heating, we’re not sure what is.

Hand in hand with this final point is the greater temperature control that is offered through underfloor heating systems. These systems have a much lower recommended temperature in order to work than normal radiators do, providing a comfortable environment without so much heat that the space is too warm.

So, now you have three reasons why you should consider underfloor heating, it’s over to you to do something about it. If you’re interested in saving money, space, and time this winter, do some research on the different types of underfloor heating and see what would work best for you.

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