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3 wonderful reasons to declutter

There are many wonderful reasons to declutter but these 3 are my top picks.

reasons to declutter


There is value in your clutter

Firstly and most importantly perhaps there is money in your clutter and you need to release it! Having old phones, old books, once loved DVDS just lying around is of absolutley no use to anyone. Freeing up the value  n these items is such a good idea. If you use Zapper it is all so seriously simple.

All you have to do is enter the barcode listed on the products ( or for phones the make and model) and then Zapper will tell you the value they are willing to pay for them. Posting the items to Zapper is free once you have over £10 worth and they will pay you by cheque or PayPal. That is it. How absolutely do-able is that!


A fabulous reason to declutter


Your clutter zaps your time

Your clutter does zap your time, the time spent searching for missing items through ‘stuff’ you neither want or need. It also zaps your time trying to keep it tidy or store it when actually it isn’t useful or wanted anyway. Once its gone and life is straightforward and simple and there is far less to sort through or tidy you will have more time and things will get lost far less.


A wonderful reason to declutter


Your clutter gets you down

Marie Kondo in her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying where she shares her simple declutter tips, talk about how your ‘stuff’ should spark joy and be either useful or beautiful. Unwanted clutter is neither and it is an unloved addition to your home. It will not make you feel happy in your home but instead will give you feelings of frustration and irritation largely aimed at yourself. Our home should be our sanctuary. By letting our clutter go our home can become a place we feel calm in and organised and relaxed. Now that is SO worthwhile.

An awesome reason to declutter.


It really is SO worthwhile decluttering; you can make money, feel great and free up time.

If you find that once you have sorted through all of your items over and need to get rid of a lot , you should consider hiring a skip.

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