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5 Bedroom Essentials for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Bedroom Essentials for a Peaceful Night’s Sleep

Even though sleep is one of the most natural things we do, nearly a third of us suffer from insomnia.

This can have a detrimental impact on our health.

And that got me thinking. What can you add to your bedroom to make sure it’s a tranquil space that’s easy to fall asleep in?

Here’s what I found:

  1. A Good Book

There’s nothing quite like a good book to help you get ready for sleep.

Reading before you go to bed really helps you switch off your mind from those day-to-day stresses, so you’re not focusing on them when you’re trying to get to sleep.

Plus, you’ll often find your eyes start to get heavy after a while, inducing a natural, sleepy vibe that’s quick to take hold and have you disappearing into the land of Nod.

Not a reader?

You could try listening to podcasts (ones that don’t talk about anything too heavy or in-depth) or listen to music. Just try to find something relaxing that helps you switch off.


  1. A Calming Diffuser

Diffusers are perfect for adding to the ambience of a room, and with companies like Neom Organics offering ones that are specially designed to help you sleep, what better addition for your bedroom?

These diffusers often contain lavender and other essential oils that are proven to have a relaxing, calming influence on your body. Plus, when they’re organic, there aren’t any additional toxins so you won’t run the risk of getting a migraine from them.


  1. Pillow Mist

To complement the above, you might also want to add a pillow mist that’s designed to help you drift off with ease. Again, these are expertly blended with those essential oils that work to prepare your mind and body for sleep.


  1. A Cup of Camomile Tea

While you’re reading your book and breathing in those essential oils and you’ve already lathered on your natural night creams, sip on a cup of camomile tea.

Camomile tea may help improve the quality of your sleep as it contains an antioxidant, apigenin, which can help reduce insomnia and promote sleepiness. Plus, it might help you stay asleep, too.


  1. Zero Technology

That’s right – get rid of any technology in your room (or hide it away at least).

While this isn’t an essential you can add to the room, it’s essential you take them out of your room. Technology can really affect how able you are to fall asleep, especially if you do struggle to get off at night.

So try to remove technology if you can, or at least switch it off an hour before you’re due to go to sleep – and reach for that aforementioned book instead.



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