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How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh

At the end of a long day we all want to get home, settle in and just relax. It’s hard to do that if you find yourself constantly having to clean up to freshen the place up. Don’t worry, there are plenty of simple steps you can take to keep your home smelling good and you feeling good.

How to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh



Reed Diffuser

Whether you want to try and make your own or buy one from the High Street, reed diffusers are such a simple, yet effective, way of making your home smell great. You can put different scents in different rooms and match the vibe of each space. You could go for vanilla in the kitchen, jasmine in the bathroom and fresh linen in the bedroom. Reed diffusers come in such a variety of fragrances you’re bound to find one that compliments your home.



If you, or someone you live with, is a smoker it can cause absolute havoc on the senses. Yes, they could go and smoke outside but the smell can still impact your house. Getting a vape kit could be the way forward. With VIP you can choose from a variety of flavours that will fill your home with lush fragrances. It means a better smelling home and no more cold smoking sessions outside so everybody is a winner with this one.


Baking Soda

Baking soda is one of the go to cleaning ingredients, and for very good reason: it always gets the job done. You can attack the mess at the source using it. Remember, the sooner you do this the better the chances are the smell won’t linger. Or you could even leave it in bowls around the house so  it can absorb odours you don’t want sticking around.



Something you can do to help your future self from having to constantly clean is invest in easy to clean furniture. This tip is particularly useful if you have a pet in the house. Leather sofas are great for pet owners as they don’t tear easily and hair doesn’t stick to them. If you’d rather go for a fabric, you might want to consider suede. By getting furniture that doesn’t get hair stuck all over it, it will save you plenty of cleaning and your home will be smelling fresh for longer. Pet hair can definitely impact the smell of a place, so remember to keep a roller around. Just in case.


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