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6 Upcycling Ideas For Your Old Doors

Upcycling is more environmentally beneficial than recycling, allows you to get creative with old items and materials that you no longer need, and it also means that can potentially save some money when adding items around the home. Virtually any old household item can be upcycled, and with the right tools and a few additional materials from a supplier like The Anglia Tool Centre you can even convert any doors from your house that you wish to replace.

1 – Cabinet Doors

One of the simplest ways to upcycle a door is to turn it into a cabinet door. Try to ensure that you don’t have to cut midway through any panels, trim the door to size, plane and smooth the edges, and move the hinges. Add new door hardware and paint your finished cabinet door to create an inexpensive bathroom cabinet door.

2 – Headboard

Strip the door right back to wood and treat it for natural wooden look, or get creative with the decoration. Add doweling or a frame around the outside of the door to ensure that it is the right width and use it upright for a single bed headboard. Alternatively, turn one on its side to make a king size bedhead, and cut down to size as required.

3 – A Whole Bed

Why stop at just the headboard? If you’re changing a number of the doors in your home, or you already have several old doors in the garage, cut them to equal depths and use them to make the frame and base for a whole bed. Alternatively, use doors to liven up the foot and the head of the bed, while keeping an original base.

4 – Garden Bench

Treat a wooden door so that it can be used outside, cut another in half lengthways and invest in wrought iron to make a frame that connects the base to the back. Do make sure that the door is sturdy, not splitting, and that it is sanded down properly to avoid leaving users with splinters.

5 – Coffee Table

Either use the door whole, or cut it down to an appropriate size, avoiding cutting through the recessed panels. Remove the panels, apply putty, and you can add reinforced glass to the top of the table or to the sections where the panels used to be. You can even use a second door to create a shelf at the bottom of the table.

6 – Wall Display

The panels in the door lend themselves perfectly to using a reclaimed door as a display or even an organiser. Cut the door in half, lengthways, so that it doesn’t take up the whole room, and make sure that the wall and wall fastenings are strong enough to take the weight.


I just loved these ideas for upcycled doors..can you think of any more?



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