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Affordable ways to decorate a rented space this Christmas

If you live in a rented space, decorating for Christmas can feel more like a festive chore than festive cheer! Where will you store all those decorations, how will you hang them and most importantly, what about the cost? Well make yourself a hot chocolate and sit down and have a read of this blog, which provides you with different, affordable ways to decorate a rented property for the festive season.

Alternative trees

Real Christmas trees can be very expensive, and you won’t want to invest in an artificial tree that you’ll have to store somewhere for the remainder of the year. There are many alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree that can still look very effective when decorated with baubles and trinkets, or sometimes just on their own. A Scandinavian ladder-style hanging tree is the perfect choice when you’re limited on space. Hang from picture rails or behind doors and decorate with your favourite accessories. This Christmas Tree Wall Ladder by notonthehighstreet.com is a top pick.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights can be purchased for just a few pounds and will always add a touch of festive sparkle to anything they adorn. These bright star lights from Matalan are very sweet and a bargain at under five pounds. If you prefer some colour, then these multicoloured LED lights from Next work well with the 2017 ‘Colourful Christmas’ trend.


Cushions are a fun way to decorate a space while also making it comfy and inviting, just what you want for the festive season. Wilko has a lovely range of Christmas cushions, like this one, which are all very affordable. Layer up different shapes and styles in your preferred colour palette to create an interesting, festive, layered look. Go for reds, greens and golds to create a traditional colour scheme or warm neutrals for a Nordic-style Christmas colour palette.


Ideal for side tables or as a collection in a fireplace, fill vases with baubles, pine cones and fairy lights for a fun, festive alternative way to decorate. If you already have vases at home, then you’re halfway there, but cheap glass vases can be purchased on the high street if you don’t have any to hand. Check out Pinterest for further centrepiece ideas for the Christmas table.



Indoor foliage

Bringing an expensive 6-foot tree into your rented home is not always easy, practical or cheap! A smart, festive garland is ideal if you have a fireplace, but you can also hang them over a picture frame or even a mirror. If you don’t have an outdoor space, it’s also a nice way of introducing some greenery into your home.

If you’re looking for more interiors inspiration, both for Christmas decorating and throughout the year, then you’ll find some great ideas on this blog, which also includes seasonal crafts for cost-saving ways to decorate your home.



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