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The Art of Affordable Decor: How to Revolutionise Your Living Space on a Budget

Redesigning or remodelling your home can be a challenging exercise, no matter how experienced you are in matters related to décor and interior design. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of decorating your property is bringing a creative vision into life with a restrictive budget, as you may be forced to compromise and strike a balance between what you would like and what is viable.

The World Wide Web is providing an increasingly helpful tool for design enthusiasts, however, with online communities now forming to deliver actionable advice from the home-owner’s perspective. If you are looking to develop and redesign your downstairs living space, for example, consider the following tips and ideas: –
1.      Make the Most of Natural Light

If you are fortunate enough to live in a property that has high levels of exposure to natural light, you can utilise this to improve the visual appeal of your home and create the illusion of space without spending considerable sums of money. This is especially true if you have invested in oak and natural wood furniture for your kitchen and dining area, as the visual impact of these items is optimised by exposure to bright and direct sunlight. With natural wood dining furniture available from suppliers such as the Trade Furniture Company Limited, you can significantly enhance your dining area on a minimal budget.

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 2.      Make Minimalism an Art Form

While the minimalism is a design ethos that has become relevant again in recent times, it is far more than just a philosophy. When integrated correctly into a modern living space, it can in fact be considered an art form that triggers a desired emotional response from guests and residents alike. Simply by reducing the clutter in your home and purchasing only a select few, high quality items of furniture, you can create genuine focal points in each room which helps to establish mood and save you money.


3.      Embrace the Thrift Market

When looking to add the finishing touches to your home remodelling project, the last thing that you should do is invest in mass-produce fixtures that offer little in the way of individuality or value for money. In fact, it is the finishing design elements that will ultimately determine the success or failure of your project, so it may be worth considering entering the thrift market and buying unique items for a reduced fee. This ticks multiple boxes for home-owners, as they can access a variety of unusual, one-off products while also saving huge amounts of money.




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  1. SteveJones
    August 21, 2014 / 5:15 am

    Yes ,there are several factors to think about before remodeling your home. and Busting the budget is everyone’s biggest fear when it comes to renovation.Bring in natural light without adding windows” which was very helpful due to renovation process and also decreasing the cost in remodeling.

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