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Beautiful Baskets

white hamperThe Basket Company

I have just received this beautiful white hamper from The Basket Company to review. It is such lovely quality and so beautiful I have plans for it!

At the moment I am undergoing a huge decluttering mission. 600 items have left my house in the last 60 days. yes really 600! I am getting rid of 10 things per day and instagramming them to keep me motivated.

Slowly, very slowly  we are getting organised.

This hamper is going to be used to store all my childhood bits and bobs. My old favourite doll, letters from my mum when I was at university, a nursery rhyme book I adored and want to keep. a few old school reports, my granddad’s woolly jumper.  This is to to be my special memory box. At the minute my treasures are in ugly old plastic and cardboard boxes, scattered about and hard to find. This lovely hamper will give them the home these beautiful memories deserve and it is so beautiful I can keep it on show too.

It is made from willow, has cream faux leather handle, straps and hinges and its dimensions are  L 62cm x W 40.5cm x H 29cm. It costs £45.

The Basket Company (as you would expect) sell baskets, all kinds of baskets and they really are rather lovely, classic, practical  storage that always looks fresh, clean and modern too.

These are my favourites…



beautiful baskets
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  1. November 16, 2017 / 9:19 am

    All the baskets are too beautiful……

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