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7 reasons why blinds are best for a family home

Blinds are best !

We have no curtains in my house at all. It is completely kitted out in blinds and for good reason. Blinds are just perfect for a family home There are so many benefits to using blinds in your family home. Let me share my top 7 with you.

blinds are best

  1. Kids cannot hide behind blinds or pull them about in the way they can curtains consequently they are less likely to pull them down…
  2. Or get sticky fingers all over them.
  3. Blackout blinds do an awesome job of helping babies to sleep.
  4. They can keep rooms cool which can aid a child’s sleep too. Silhouette® Shades reduce the heat entering a room by 25% because they are made with special screen fabrics that deflect and dim the sun’s rays.
  5.  Blinds can protect children from UV rays. With the vanes closed Silhouette® Shades from Luxaflex work brilliantly in a family home, as they give 99% UV protection which is great for south facing children’s playrooms and for protecting kids!


6. Some blinds can be tilted to alter the amount of light coming into a room and this helps in summer to let the children know evening  has come and it is time to calm down!

7. Blinds are getting safer all the time and by following general safety advice  these really can be a great family friendly option. Luxaflex have a brilliant system that can operate your blinds at the touch of a button. It’s called PowerRise® and it is a battery remote control operation or wall operation for precise light control, privacy and enhanced child safety.

luraflex blinds

Some of Luxaflex blinds can even be operated from your smart phone. How cool is that? – very James bond!

As you can see there really are many benefits to having blinds in a family home.  I forgot to even mention that they look great too.



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  1. August 16, 2016 / 8:21 pm

    We only have blinds on our velux windows in my study. It really helps to keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer. I like the .idea of the remote control

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