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Changing views on patterned carpets

How do you feel about patterned carpets? I see they are having a resurgence and I have to say initially I  was a little surprised and a little wary! Childhood memories really can impact us long after the event can’t they.

When I was a child in the ’70’s we had a space hoppers, a lot of angel delight and many games of dobby on the street. We had fold out tables, flares and the Osmonds and lots of sweets and fizzy pop that the milkman would deliver. These were all good things of which I have very fond memories.

space hopper

The interior design of the 70’s was a lot more dubious.

I recall some brown textured dark curtains with a velvet panel at the bottom that hung in our playroom above a yellow tinged formica table. Ick.We also had (in our house) an absolutely hideous bright orange and brown swirly carpet. It was the height of fashion back then to have VERY patterned carpets. Those memories are not good ones.

We were not a rich family and so we lived with that carpet for a very long time after it was cool. Oh how I hated it. The colours were brash and the pattern just jarred.We had a purple hall carpet too with more different patterned swirls. Ooh they clashed like you would not believe.  I have to say I have steered well clear of patterned carpets in my own homes !

Currently I am playing it uber safe on the flooring front. We have some solid wood flooring in our halls, laminate in the conservatory and kitchen and a simple oatmeal coloured carpet throughout the rest of the house. Flooring in my home is simply plain, plain, plain and perhaps a tad boring some might say? A reaction to my childhood no doubt.

I do have a red rug in the lounge and a brown one in the conservatory..again totally plain  though. I think that orange carpet put me off for life!

However in a collaboration with Carpetright I have been looking at some rather lovely patterned carpets that are rather pleasing to the eye and I think I am starting to come round to the idea.

Maybe I now have enough distance form the 70’s and all things psychedelic?

If like me you have unpatterned furniture your room can easily accommodate a patterned carpet and tartan for example adds a really traditional and rather fabulous look. I love a good tartan!

tartan c

Isn’t that stylish? And tartan has a pleasing regularity to it  that I think can make it really easy to live with.

I also feel the same about stripe as a carpet pattern. Stripes can look really smart and as patterns go I think they are probably my favourite. I would defiantly choose a fairly neutral coloured stripe though.


But the patterned carpet of my choice is this fabulous diamond loop pile patterned carpet

diamond pattern carpet

I think the textured look of the  patterned makes the carpet look deep and luxurious and looks just gorgeous, like I could really sink my feet into it. The pattern adds depth and interest.

On the whole there are certainly a host of patterns I like in carpets..who knew! I think it is important to keep an open mind when it comes to your home – mine has certainly been opened by contemporary carpet offerings I just had to shake off that hideous orange swirly image first!

I have to say I think patterned carpets really can be a classy and modern option for a family home.


All carpets shown are from a selection of patterned carpets from Carpetright





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  1. Jane Taylor
    January 21, 2016 / 8:24 am

    I think you had the same horrible carpets growing up as I did. Ours was a brown and orangey swirled leaf type thing. That and the Yorkstone all along one wall of the lounge with built in fireplace and recess for your top-loading betamax video recorder….We even had a real wagon wheel hung from our ceiling with lights on…And a lamp made out of a spinning wheel!!!

    Anyway, I digress. Patterned carpets…Well, after years of therapy 😉 I have found myself drawn to lovely stripey carpets on the stairs and seeing as our plain carpet is a bit threadbare on some of the steps now I will definitely be considering patterns when we purchase our next one.

    Great article.

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