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Create Your Dream Bedroom; Wall Décor Ideas with a Twist

Decorating can be an arduous task, especially when it comes to one of the most important rooms in your home; the bedroom. The place where you come to relax and unwind after a long day needs to feel like your own, and with some simple creative techniques you can add your own personal twist on your bedroom décor. You don’t need to be a DIY whizz to turn your kids bedroom into a mystical forest, or your own bedroom into an elegant paradise.


Create Your Dream Bedroom


Get Creative with Paint

One of the key essentials when decorating any part of your home is of course, a tin of paint. Even the least artistically minded or DIY savvy among us can bring ourselves to painting a few walls. However, just adding a lick of paint doesn’t have to mean you only have a few basic colours to choose from. There are many ways to get creative with paint, from simple patterns to striking silhouettes…

Stripes: No matter what theme or colour scheme you love, stripes can always be a winner. From nautical blue and white horizontal stripes, to bold black and white vertical stripes, this simple pattern works wonders on all types of bedroom whether you want to transform your kids room into a pirate ship or create an elegant, modern aesthetic to your couple’s paradise.

Silhouettes: If you are looking to be a bit more adventurous with your paintbrush, there are a few simple ways to add a unique twist to your bedroom walls. For a sweet and elegant touch, add some silhouettes of birds or flowers. Not only is this effective in adding some life to your walls, but it is also much easier than adding patterned wallpaper.

Stencils & Artwork: For the budding artist, you can experiment even more with creative wall décor ideas. From intricate tree stencils to creative masterpieces, you can decorate your walls to truly create something unique to suit your bedroom. You can find many wall décor stencils online to cut out and paint, as well as inspiration for bedroom wall art; including many simple yet effective kids characters.


Add Modern Shelving

A quick and easy way to not only add something interesting but also useful to your walls, if by adding shelving. This may sound like a basic bedroom essential, however there are now so many shelving designs and way of glamming up your shelves that it can easily act as another artistic addition to your bedroom. With high street retailers such as Argos offering cubed shelving and modern bamboo shelves, you can add a uniquely modern twist to a bedroom whilst saving space at the same time.


Posters & Artwork

When most people think of wall décor, they often envisage posters and framed artwork of the things they love. From movie posters to classic paintings, traditional wall décor can certainly add a more personal and visually pleasing aspect to a bedroom. Make these additions even better by adding beautiful decorative frames such as driftwood frames or being creative with the positioning of your artwork. Some cool additions to kid’s bedrooms include 3D posters, tactile pictures and educational wall displays.


Add a Personal Touch

The bedroom is a place of sanctuary and that’s why many of us choose to add souvenirs of our favourite memories in our bedroom. From framed pictures of the kids on bedside tables to pin boards full of mementos in our uni halls, no matter what age we are we often like to add our own personal touch to our bedroom. You can make this even more creative with personal collages and framed mementos to display all of your favourite memories in your bedroom.


Whether you are looking for a touch of class to add to your room or some simple ways to liven up your little one’s bedroom, there are many creative ways to add a unique twist to your décor. Never underestimate the power of paint, with a variety of simple techniques such as adding patterns and using stencils to enhance various aspects of your bedroom. For the more confident creators, adding personal collages and original artwork can work wonders in crafting your very own dream bedroom.



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