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Creating a luxury kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it’s natural that you will always want it to look good, if not downright luxurious. Nevertheless, your kitchen is also a workspace. This means that when you are deciding what you need in terms of style, you also have to bear in mind the practical aspects that will make it work for you and your family, including the cost. To set your mind at rest, here are a few ideas for creating a luxury kitchen that will function like clockwork and won’t cost you the earth.



Ultimate kitchen layout

When considering your plans for the layout of your kitchen, you should first make sure it meets the requirements for the “magic triangle”. This configuration has been judged by professionals to be the most efficient. It is based on the positions of the three key working areas in your kitchen: your oven or hob, your sink and your refrigerator.

Each of these three working areas should be readily accessible from the next one. If your cooker or hob is in a separate spot from your oven, you’ll have to consider this when deciding where everything should be located so that you have a smooth and logical way of dealing with food preparation, cooking and clearing away.

If you find that your existing layout is cramped or awkward, consider repositioning some or all of your appliances so they work well together. If space allows it, consider building in a breakfast bar with stools that can be stored underneath for more efficient storage.



Luxury kitchens are blessed by an abundance of natural light, which is healthy and promotes feelings of wellbeing. If you want to bring in more natural daylight without spending a fortune, open up your existing window spaces by getting rid of bulky curtains and blinds. Contemporary shutters will showcase your windows and make the most of the light at any time and during any season. You can choose from café window shutters, tier-on-tier, or full height. Your kitchen will instantly feel more modern, spacious and luxurious.

Artificial lighting can also help. Task lighting, such as under-counter spotlights or strip lights, will make food preparation easier and ensure your kitchen lighting is fully functional as well as elegant. If you have an open plan kitchen with a dining area, you can use separate mellow lighting to soften the ambience, such as pendant lighting above your dining table. Add a dimmer switch so you can control artificial light levels.

To know more, here’s your guide to Lighting Styles from Lamp Expo



Cluttered surfaces make any kitchen look overcrowded and even a touch downmarket, so building in sufficient storage to your luxury kitchen design scheme is vital. Make sure you have spaces for all those appliances that have invaded kitchens in recent years. Remember that less is more, and you will have a cleaner, more elegant kitchen if gadgets are stowed out of sight. Whether you have chosen the most expensive marble or a humbler material for your countertops, cleanliness is the key to making your kitchen feel more spacious, and being clear of clutter is essential.


Colour schemes

The debate among interior designers about colour in luxury kitchens is not likely to be concluded any time soon. The monochrome effect is said to be classic and timeless, not least because it is easy to add to every aspect of kitchen décor, including fixtures, fittings and accessories. However, lots of commentators are supporting more courageous choices, such as primary or on-trend colours used on a feature wall or tiled backsplash.



If you are happy that your kitchen is functioning well and generally looks good, you may want to work on improving its aesthetic appeal. Inspirational wall art that complements your colour scheme, for example, can provide a point of interest. In kitchen settings, the addition of greenery can be very effective. For example, adding a selection of herbs is practical as well as decorative. If you use the kitchen for dinner parties, try to find a place for an attractive flower arrangement or a striking architectural plant to enhance your dinner candles.


Finally, the real test of the success of the creation of your luxury kitchen on a budget is how content you are with the overall effect of the room. If it works as seamlessly as it should and you love all of it – including your “magic triangle”, your share of natural daylight and your streamlined kitchen surfaces – you should be immensely proud as well as satisfied.





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