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How to Design a Bedroom that will Grow with Your Kids

If you have kids, then you’ll know how quickly they change. Sometimes it seems like they grow up overnight, whether they shoot up in height or develop different tastes. While there’s not much you can do about your child growing out of their clothes at an alarming rate, there is one area you can age-proof and save money: their bedroom.

Here’s how to design a kids bedroom that will grow with them as they mature and turn into little adults.


Choose Simple Furniture

There’s loads of fun children’s furniture on the market, from fun shaped beds (including cars, carriages and castles), to brightly coloured wardrobes and drawers. Although these are great for young kids, they will quickly outgrow these styles. Instead, stick to simple furniture. Opt for plain wood, white or cream, that will go with any colour or theme.

Decorate in Neutral Colours

Although your child may love the idea of a bright orange, screaming pink, or neon green room, rest assured, this will be a short-lived phase. To avoid repainting every six months, choose a more neutral colour. This doesn’t have to be cream, but consider pale grey, navy blue, or pastel tones, as these shades will match a variety of colours and last for years to come.

Introduce Colour with Art

You want your child to be able to express their personality in their bedroom. But how do you do this without having to constantly redecorate? The answer is artwork. Frame posters of their favourite singers or celebrities, display sections of brightly coloured or patterned wallpaper, or create a mural on a giant canvas. These can be easily replaced, allowing your child to refresh their room without redecorating.

Have Fun with Soft Furnishings

This is the one area where you can really allow your child to go wild. After going neutral to create a timeless interior, kids can show their personal tastes with soft furnishings. Quick and easy to replace, and costing less than furniture and endless tins of paint, let your child choose bold bedding, a fun rug, character cushions, or a pair of Direct Blinds printed curtains, so they can really make their bedroom their own.

Use Different Lighting Options

Light fixtures and fittings can be expensive, but you can buy new shades even on a tight budget. These little changes can make a child’s bedroom feel very different, so then can quickly be interchanged, allowing the room to grow with them. You could also let them add fairy lights or animal shaped table lamps, such as a rabbit, dinosaur or unicorn.


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