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Designing A Desirable Dining Room – Without Blowing The Budget

Desirable Dining Room

Your dining room is a central space of the home, where the family comes together to eat, debrief on the day, relax and spend time together. It’s a space worthy of a makeover if ever there was one. But can you give this distinctive space a new look identity without breaking the bank? Here’s some clever low cost makeover ideas for your dining room that you may not have considered:


Location, Location, Location


When you moved into your home, you probably just took the layout the way it came. But moving your dining space around into the best location can have a huge impact. There are several aspects to consider – firstly, it’s wise not to locate the space too far away from your kitchen, as you’ll be transporting trays of food. Second, it’s not always the most obvious choice that works best. If you tend to use the space mostly at night, darker spaces with less natural light can come into their own. Clever lighting and great furniture choices, like sustainable solid wood furniture sets can create a cosy atmosphere in the evening.


Let There Be Light


Great lighting can have a huge impact on the mood and usage of a room. So think carefully about the lighting scheme that you need in your dining room. Go for a dimmer switch and you can alter the mood between bright, task-focused lighter and a darker, more intimate atmosphere. If you can plan to add impact with a statement pendant light, make sure that you hang it at the right level- low enough that it adds drama, but not so low that it interrupts sight lines. Dramatic chandeliers, clusters of pendant lights and wall scones can also add to the atmosphere.


Bring The Drama


To create impact, you need to give the room a focal point and it’s quite easy and budget-friendly to achieve. A group of framed prints from Etsy can make a statement, or any collection of similar objects put together. Expensive wallpapers get more affordable when they are used on just a statement wall – Cole and Son have a beautiful luxury collection. Or introduce impact by using contrasting colours. A deep royal blue is extremely on trend and looks amazing with copper accessories. There are even metallic paints available that add a strong impact to a space. Or add wooden panelling to one way for a heritage vibe that adds a more subtle impact. Fresh flowers can also go a long way to adding an extra touch, or fill a glass planter with armfuls of orchids for a more sustainable take on the look.


Sort Out The Seating


As you want a comfortable, functional space, then it’s essential to get the seating right. Choose upholstered designs for more comfort, or chairs with removable covers that can be laundered easily if you have young children. Benches are a space saver that let you easily seat more people and save space when not in use. Layout the seating to encourage the type of activities you like, and you’ll spend a lot more time in the space.


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  1. June 1, 2018 / 8:07 am

    I agree, light is the most important! You feel much happier if you start your day in a nice, light dining room! 🙂

  2. January 6, 2020 / 4:29 pm

    Thanks for your tips and ideas! Glad I stopped by your blog 🙂

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