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Read, Relax & Recuperate: The R’s That Need To Go Into Your Spare Room


What’s the most relaxing room in your house? Is it your bedroom, your living room, your kitchen, or none of these? If you can’t even answer the question, it’s clear that you need somewhere that is dedicated to the art of relaxation. If you have a spare room, then it shouldn’t be floor to ceiling in junk, you should make it for the purposes of taking time out from this stressful world. We all have things to do, life admin to complete, kids to feed, people to socialize with, and so on. It becomes a bit too much, and so if you feel that you can’t fully relax in your own home, then it’s time to make some positive changes and make a space for this reason. So, how can you do this?

Turn It Into A Reading Room

If you don’t find that you have the opportunity to kick back and relax with your favorite book these days, then turning it into a reading room is a worthy suggestion. You don’t have to go overboard and turn it into a study, adorned with shelves that Tolkien would be proud of, but instead, make it a very simple space, with a couch, and maybe a couple of potted plants, and that is it! If you’re concerned about the overall aesthetic of this room, you can choose a couch to fit in with the rest of your home. Suppliers like Alexander & James Sofas are replete with different styles to suit any space. Because a space needs to be in keeping with the rest of the house, this doesn’t mean that it has to be stylistically the polar opposite. A lick of paint and a couple of items of furniture is all you need!

Make It A Sanctuary

If you are keen on making your spare room somewhere that is nothing like the rest of your home, so you can go into yourself and relax, turning it into a sanctuary of sorts might suit you down to the ground. Making a meditation room by painting the walls relaxing colors, having soft surfaces to sit on, or by making it a space for isolation, by soundproofing the walls, are some ways you can make the spare room something different to the rest of your house. If you want to go somewhere and feel like you are in another world, but don’t have a garden to tailor to your needs, this has to be priority number one.

Make It Your Chill Out Space

If you don’t have time to yourself, to do the things you want to do, making it a proper chill out space is the perfect solution. If you don’t have time to do your hobbies, go to this room and listen to your records, watch your TV shows, or just sit down, close your eyes, and have a disco nap. You have the right to your own chill out space!

By turning the spare room into something practical, a little bit of us dies inside, so instead, take the spare room, and turn it into what your heart wants, and make it for you!


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