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E-commerce opportunities in the time of Covid

I have been thinking about e-commerce opportunities in the time of Covid – and how they have really increased over recent months.



E-commerce opportunities in the time of Covid – A sign of the times

For so many people money has been a huge struggle in recent times.

Covid has impacted so many lives in so many devasting ways and many people have had to rethink how they live in regard to socialising, travelling and in regard to their health and wellbeing. And of course in response to their money too,  lots of people have had to rethink how they earn.

Jobs have been lost, businesses closed and new expected opportunities have not materialised. It has absolutely been a time of worry, and gloom in so many aspects.

However, I have never been a problem dweller and I always like to see growth and opportunity and people emerging intact and with hope when the cards fall badly. I have seen a lot of friends pivot in recent months and accept that they need to earn their money differently. I have been so impressed with so many people I know and their enterprising and resourceful spirits.

A number of my friends and contacts have embraced e-commerce opportunities in recent times to pretty good success. After all more than ever, we are all shopping online more and more. Has this been the case with people you know?

One of my friends has begun selling her vintage finds and it is such a delight to watch her little e-commerce business bloom and grow it has given her a new lease of life too.



Where to sell online

It can be overwhelming to start a new business though and even if you have something wonderful to sell you may still feel completely at a loss about where to start selling. Well, it really doesn’t have to be complicated. e-commerce companies, like for example  www.incobis.com can be a fabulous asset to e-commerce users and wonderful platforms for online selling

These e-commerce sites enable you to list your products and they will notify you when they sell. They are safe and easy to use platforms that takes care of pretty much everything for you. There is also a really lovely social side to some of these platforms where you can shop online with your friends. You can share your interests, ongoing news, products recommendations & reviews with your friends.

In these disconnected times, I think that’s just great.




Just take the leap

If you have a great idea for an e-commerce business from selling pre-loved clothes, to personalised goods, your artworks, hand made clothes or candles or rare books then perhaps now is the time to have a go. We all need to try and make the very best of these difficult times and not put all our eggs in one basket where our income is concerned. And it’s fun to try something new, selling gives you such a buzz, there is nothing quite like it.

Do you think that this something you might consider having a go at?

How has your work been during Covid-19, have you been struggling and are you now looking for something new?


As always I do love to hear from you so do drop me a comment below and join in the conversation






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