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Powerful Name – Powerful Product

With so many different choices in the luxury vinyl flooring (LVT) world, what is so special about new emerging brands joining the landscape. In particular, among the newest and most popular ranges of recent time, Invictus.


Powerful Name - Powerful Product


The Invictus range is made up of three extremely popular product lines – Optimus, Maximus and Maximus Click. The three ranges offer great differences without any compromising on quality. Let’s dig into some facts about our popular arrival.

Optimus LVT is a 0.3mm wear layer offering which may seem thin but it definitely is not weaker than its rivals. For a product this thin to carry a warranty over two decades is definitely a confidence booster. Optimus is a dryback tile requiring glue down methods upon the subfloor on installation which is standard.

Maximus LVT takes things a little higher with a 0.55mm wear layer and a guarantee over 25 years. This has made it a prime focus for commercial properties. With a further offering of designs over its smaller counterpart Optimus, Maximus offers more flexibility in style and palettes. Maximus also requires adhesive to install like its younger companion.

Maximus Click LVT is a twin to its dryback brother but with a click system. Boasting the same wear layer and warranty as the former product but without the need for adhesives, Click is a convenient flooring option that simply joins together to create a solid floor. Each tile features integrated sound reducing underlay underneath eliminating the requirement of buying extra accessories to install. With Click you get a thicker tile over dryback to aid the locking mechanism and reduces movement and bowing.

These are the only differences in the product, as they all feature the same fantastic qualities which make them a huge draw for those looking to refresh their home.

ScratchGuard treatment fully prevents abrasion and gives maximum protection against scuffs and scratches through all brands, as well as extra levels of hygienic quality making the floor a doddle to keep clean. Designs range from wood, stone and abstract designs such as Optimus’ Cottage Oak Truffle to Maximus’ Concrete Crush Charcoal, meaning whatever style you wish to implement you won’t be lost for choice.


Invictus may be the newest boy on the flooring block, but it comes with incredible looks and comforts to really make an impact in the world of luxury wood effect vinyl flooring.


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