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Easy Cleaning – Chemicals Free

Today – Easy Cleaning – Chemicals Free

When we first move into a house, we don’t think about what the cleaning products we choose actually have in them – we tend to use mostly bleach and powerful products, especially if our new home is in need of serious cleaning.

However, as time passes and we start to feel certain odors – mainly those resulted from the extended use of cleaning products with chemicals in their composition -, we also begin to think more of the air we breathe every single day and night.

Clearly, inhaling a faint odor of bleach every day is not helpful at all – and this is why most households rely on chemical-free cleaning products. Obviously, most of the times, you can make these products by yourself, without having to buy too many ingredients, so to say.

So, let’s see how you can easily clean your home without using any sort of chemicals or of products that have chemicals inside them.


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Easy Cleaning – Chemicals Free

The All-Purpose Cleaner

The fix to all of the problems that one can encounter in his/ her household is the all-purpose cleaner. Usually, we search for a product that can fit the most diverse needs – but, it would be better if we relied on something much simpler.

In short, all you have to do to round up a nice all-purpose cleaner is to grab a full bucket of warm water, add some non-toxic dish soap, and a dash of vinegar. With this solution, you can clean anything in your house that needs just gentle cleaning.


Floor Cleaning

Depending on your floor type and the materials they are covered with, you can rely on two chemical-free cleaning products. You can start with the good old bucket of warm water and add a bit of vinegar to it, as well as a couple drops of essential oil – the vinegar makes the bad odors go away while the essential oil removes the vinegar smell.

On the other hand, you could rely on a steam mop – read this guide to using a steam mop, and you’ll see that cleaning with it it’s very easy and, most important, chemical-free, as the special mop uses just steam to clean the floors and carpets.

Obviously, when using a steam mop, you won’t need to prepare any solution – as the steam is just enough to make the bad smells go away.


Hard to Clean Mess

When it comes to hard to clean mess, you have to get your hands on some baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Put both of them in a small bowl but remember to add just enough hydrogen peroxide to make a paste.

Then, grab a scrubby sponge, put some paste onto it, and start scrubbing away the hard to clean mess – this mixture will make rust stains, dirty grout lines, and soap scum go away.

If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended that you wear a pair of rubber gloves so that you avoid any burning sensation or itching.


Overall, you can use almost everything in your household in order to clean it – baking soda, vinegar, non-toxic dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and a few others. Moreover, there are plenty of machines – such as the steam mop – that don’t rely on chemicals when cleaning.


I hope  youhave enjoyed this post on easy cleaning.


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