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Five Thrifty Ways to Get Curb Appeal in Winter

Having ‘curb appeal’ is something that not makes your house saleable in a property market sense, but it can make your home seem much more welcoming for your guests. Winter can play havoc with the external aesthetics of your property so if you want to keep your house looking lovely throughout Christmas, here are some fantastic (and thrifty) tips.

Because making your home look great doesn’t have to cost the earth…

  1. Keep it Clean and Tidy

It seems pretty simple, but a clean and tidy driveway can help to make your home seem much more welcoming. Make sure you sweep away fallen leaves and debris as when these get wet or start to disintegrate, they can cause a terrible brown mess. Use a power washer if your driveway has already developed grime and make sure you keep any planters or flower beds trimmed and tidy.5 thrifty ways to get curb appeal in Winter


  1. Decorate Your House for Christmas

It can get dark and dingy outside during the winter. To avoid that gloomy winter appearance, liven up your home with some seasonal decorations. A festive wreath on your door, a hanging basket of poinsettia flowers, or just some simple Christmas lights can really help to make your property look just as great on the outside as it does on the inside.


  1. Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is the first thing your visitors see as soon as they arrive on your property. So it really is important to maintain and clean it all year round. Sometimes a new lick of paint will do in making your door look as good as new again. Or if you want something a little more festive, consider getting new glass panels with decorative patterns or colours; they can really add a whole new dimension to the outside of your building. You can find out more about residential doors or uPVC glass doors at Dunster House.


  1. Plant Some Winter Flowers

Winter can be somewhat vacant when it comes to gardens and front lawns. Plant some winter flowers which bloom in the colder season and you’ll be able to keep your curbside plant beds looking amazing all year round. For more information on winter bloomers, visit the House Logic website. Some popular plants include Quince Flowers which have a deep red colour (perfect for Christmas) and Snowdrops which have a bright white hue making the perfect winter wonderland look.


  1. Light Up Your Driveway

Don’t let the dark nights ruin the atmosphere or your guests. Light up your driveway with some ground lighting or install some exterior lamps to give your house an inviting appeal. If you want something a little bit more cost-effective than you can’t afford driveway lighting right now, take a look at these superb upcycled outdoor lighting ideas from the Architecture Art Design blog.



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