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How to avoid fraud

I take a lot for granted really and I often assume things won’t go wrong. Positive thinking is important but you really have to be savvy too.

Can you imagine you are out and about doing a bit of shopping and hand over your debit card only to be told it’s been rejected. You are absolutely sure your wages have just gone in and you are nowhere near your overdraft limit. The salesperson just shakes her head at you and the man behind tuts at you like you are trying to do something wrong. It’s the start of of a bit if a nightmare, someone had been using your details and draining your account.

Many hours/days /weeks later you may, if you are one of the lucky ones, get your money back but not always.  The stress worry and inconvenience involved can be enormous.

Prevention is always better than a cure with colds, lagging your pipes, double checking you have locked your front door  and most particularly when it comes to securing your money!

Can you believe it… fraud cost the British population more than £600m in 2013!! Just have a chat amongst a small circle of friends and it is likely at least one person has been affected and they will tell you how awful the experience was and how careful they are now as a result.

Fraud can take place in many different ways from telephone banking, computer malware, scams and online shopping.

Nat West have put together this great tool with tips on how to fight fraud It shows you how it occurs and what you can do to prevent it. It is so useful to understand how criminals work and rather shocking too!

Please stay safe and do have a good read of the above. I really hope it helps.


Written in collaboration with Nat West.

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