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Flat Pack Assembly Failure

I am a flat pack failure.

I can’t do them very well and they get right on my nerves.

They annoy me beyond measure as the instructions never seem to make any sense. Sometimes they are just pictures and I cannot make head nor tail of them. I know it is seen as thrifty to self assemble your furniture but in the time it takes for me to do it and the quality of my assembly being so questionable, I am not so sure.

My son has got through 2 chests of drawers in 18 months. Partly because he overfills them and leans on them as he stands up and partly because I constructed them both – badly.

Between us those poor chest of drawers didn’t stand a chance.  As well as doing flat packs rather badly I also find they take up a huge amount of time. My partner is a much better flat pack assembler than me but it still takes him a  good amount of time. Time at the weekends is so precious to us and there are so many ‘much more fun’ things we could be doing.

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So what is the alternative?

Well my advice would be to either buy ready assembled furniture where you can or get someone who is both efficient and skilled at assemble to do your flat pack assembly for you.

How do you feel about flat packs?

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