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How Gardening Habits differ across Great Britain

The British are well known to be a nation of garden lovers. But how much do our garden habits depend upon whereabouts in Britain we live?

Great Britain’s gardening habits have been surveyed and it is so interesting to find out the differences across the nation. Research  by Tesco Bank Home Insurance shows us what each British region gets up to in their garden (and who has the most gnomes.)

Interesting stuff!

gardening infographic_md_V9

I live in the East Midlands myself and the research reveals that makes me a lucky gardener…very likely to have both a water feature and a greenhouse (I have both actually!)  and apparently people in the East Midlands claim  to have the largest outdoor spaces but do say its not too tidy. Ahem. If the cap fits….ours is always littered with waterguns, plastic skittles and footballs in the summer. I wouldn’t really have it any other way though.

I do think I’d like to join those in the North East actually with their hot tub trend. I’d also like  party in our garden a bit more like the Welsh do. Not sure about having a gnome though!

A big investment

Despite these area based pockets of difference what was clear from this research was that the investment into our gardens, both in terms of time and money, across the UK is HUGE.

However, only 1 in 5 people consider the value of their garden when it comes to arranging their home insurance.   38% of  gardeners having plants destroyed by weather, 1 in 10 having garden ornaments damaged or stolen and 5% of people having items stolen from their shed indicates insurance would be useful to consider. It’s an expensive hobby is gardening!

Do you consider your garden when it comes to home insurance?



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