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Getting yourself organised with AdminBox

Do you worry about money?

Most people do in my experience and according to a recent study, millions of British say they are overwhelmed by money worries.

This research revealed that more than 60% of people admitted struggling to keep their life organised. Oh my goodness, I am totally with them on that. Especially right now with school holidays, working from home, a house that is never ever tidy or clutter free! Overwhelmed is the word!

So what are people struggling with most in terms of organisation?



According to the survey, the biggest drain on time is dealing with life and general admin such as household admin and bills. I have to say I would put the laundry pile up there too but yes household admin totally gets on top of me and I can never find any of the paperwork I need too!

Another survey found that the average adult dedicates three hours a week to such tasks as paying credit card bills, switching utility companies and filing tax returns.


AdminBox, is a self-service site (and App) that enables you to enter details about all of your household bills and admin, including renewal dates. It will send you a reminder on all of them so you never miss that important renewal date. It also lets you make notes on your suppliers, so you have a record of that customer services phone call, and you can upload files such as policy documents and no-claims bonuses.

Oh, my goodness do I need this. I absolutely never know when my MOT is due for example or when our home insurance is due for a renewal so I have the chance to compare prices and see if I can get a better deal.

You can get a free month with Adminbox to see if it works for you, after which it costs just £2.99 per month. If it can keep you in order so you ensure you can get the best deals and pay your bills on time it could well end up saving you a lot more than that too! It has over 20 categories these include MOT, Car Tax, Rent, Mortgage, Loans, Credit Cards, Passports, Breakdown Cover, Home Insurance, Car Insurance and so much more.  There is a Calendar, and Address Book for family and friends, and you can share the account with someone else which makes it even better value.

I know this would help me out…do you think this would work for you?

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  1. August 10, 2018 / 12:39 pm

    I need this service in my life, so many times I have had things automatically renew (at ridiculous prices) because I forgot that it was up for renewal

    • becky
      August 10, 2018 / 3:41 pm

      Isn’t it fab!

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