The benefits of growing your own fruit and veg

I feel there are just such huge benefits to growing your own fruit and veg that I want to encourage everyone to have a go. Even if you only have some tomatoes in a pot on your windowsill it is still a mini-foodie adventure.

The benefits to growing your own can be huge, it is certainly healthy and nutritious and it can be cost effective. It is always always more tasty when home-grown and  the pride involved in producing your own produce is worth every moment of nurture and toil.


I think it is also wonderful for children to understand how plants grow and to learn to take tender care of something precious to them. I love to see them outdoors too getting their hands dirty and having an unplugged childhood.

I used to help my grandad in his garden when I was a child and I just loved that time spent with him and oh how delighted we would be when our fruit grew and we picked the first veg.


First tunnels have a survey that orientates around growing your own fruit and vegetables which I am excited to share with you today – if you have a moment do pop over and fill it in and I will be back to share the results with you soon.



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  1. August 11, 2017 / 5:15 am

    One of my passion is to plant anything in my backyard specially veges. And also it is one of my bonding together with my children.

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