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How Hiive helps with work life balance

Balance feels lovely but oh, it is such a precious and delicate thing!

Juggling my personal and professional life is not something I have achieved easily and some days it still goes right off kilter,

Being a writer means you are often chasing after opportunities or trying to seek them out and a lot of time can be wasted not actually earning but rather in search of opportunity.

My work day can stretch as long as I allow it. I am not often in an organised and serene frame of mine…look at my desk!

Messy desk

As a mum and a wife my time is needed elsewhere plus I need to have time for my home, my hobbies and friends too. I have learnt from experience neglecting these things can cause stress and unhappiness, they need nurturing more than my careerer.

Good resources and efficient ways of working, communicating and collaborating are key to me working effectively and downing tools post school run.

My advice? Have great resources and networks at your disposal and be part of a helpful and supportive community..

Have you heard of Hiive?


Hiive is a creative network that offers those who use it a portfolio platform, job opportunities and access to careers resources. It’s all about encouraging discussion, sharing and working together for those within the creative industries.

Hiive.co.uk is still in development but it is really buzzing ( I couldn’t resist… sorry.)  I see it as kind of linked in for creative only it’s much more funky and seems to have more to offer.

You can follow people and they can follow you, you can find courses and share courses, you can present a show reel, check out job opportunities, share articles and much more.

You can also create a ‘swarm which is a way of bringing like minded people together for a project or a discussion perhaps or an event. It’s exciting and you get to decide what you want your ‘swarm’ to be or if you want to join someone else’s!

Creating a Hiive profile allows you to show off your digital and creative platforms. It gives you a sense of community and allows you to make quick useful connections and see relevant opportunities.

How fabulous does Hiive sound!

There is a lot going on and you can do as little or as much as you wish…do go and have look around. I think you will be impressed.

It is speedy to register and free and I think it’s going to really help me keep my work /life balance in check and help me connect more quickly with relevant resources.

Do come and link up with me. Here is my profile


You can also follow Hiive on twitter


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