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10 furniture buying mistakes you DON’T want to make

I sometimes get a bit excited when I shop and don’t always think things through. It’s easy to make mistakes that can end up being time consuming, costly or annoying.. or all 3!

I remember once buying the best sofa ever. It was a deep green, super comfy and it had the most enormous armchair with it that was just perfect to curl up in with a good book. I got a good deal on it and I waited with huge anticipation for it to arrive. I never once measured up. I lived in a tiny cottage at the time. Not measuring up was a huge mistake. As soon as it arrived I thought Oh my! That’s huge! I totally loved the suite though and really thought I could live with it being a bit too big. I really couldn’t, it just dwarfed the room. Sigh. I sold it on after a year for way less than I had bought it for. I was disappointed and out of pocket.

I have often made mistakes buying cheap furniture in the past. My kids are heavy handed and cheap chest of drawers just have not been able to withstand my kids. We really should have bought wooden furniture from the start as we have replaced their bedroom furniture so many times by now it would have been cost effective to have spent more in the first place.

Avoiding mistakes in the first places is largely good common sense… this furniture buying mistakes infographic has some fabulous tips to make sure your common sense doesn’t go out the window when it comes to buying furniture.


Infographic from www.quercusliving.co.uk


Have you made any of these mistakes when furniture buying?

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