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Which home improvements add the most value?

The old adage is that an extra bedroom is always the most valuable asset you can create when looking at home improvement. That is not necessarily a truth though or an affordable option for many of us.

The one thing I would want to add to our home if we were looking at renovating would be a downstairs toilet. Not in the least bit glamorous I know but apparently highly desirable, It is also, from a practical point of view, a good solution for us. We have the space under our stairs already in the form of one extremely messy cupboard! It would be so very lovely not to have people having to traipse upstairs when they needed the bathroom PLUS I would not have to worry about whether it was tidy.

I would also dearly love a  utility room. I work in a corner of our kitchen and I would love to have the washing machine and dishwasher in a different room. It would also be great to free up some more cupboard space in our kitchen and prevent the clutter.

What would you do if you were renovating? What would be your priorities?

Do have look at this infographic created by luxury home builders Live in Developments. It’s called  ‘Top Tips for Adding Value to Your Home’ and goes through which type of extensions and home renovations add the most value to your home. It’s very interesting and I found it reassuring to know it included some of my own ideas.

Which home improvements add the most value?


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