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How to Create Bespoke Wall Art for Your Home


Bespoke wall art is the perfect touch for an individualised family home.


Benefits of bespoke wall art

Create bespoke wall art for your home

I have been creating some bespoke wall art this week with  My-Picture.co.uk and I am so excited to show it to you.

I have always loved to showcase unique pieces of art on my walls but it isn’t always the most thrifty of options. Original art can certainly set you back a few pounds!

I used to frame my kid’s art when they were younger, often just fun little drawings of our imaginary pet unicorn, or their whole family, or the circus. Silly, fun and entirely capturing their age and stage.  I loved them. They sadly would let me do that now they are in their teens

Displaying good quality photos of precious family moments has always been a lovely thing to do but oh far too often my photos linger on my phone or computer and don’t make it to our walls.  That is a shame and I resolve to do better on that front.


Canvas prints

A lovely way to create bespoke wall art is to turn photos into canvas prints these really do give them a great upgrade and add a wow factor you just don’t get from a simple photo. At My-Picture.co.uk you can create the most beautiful canvases form your phots and the process could not be simpler or speedier.

What a lovely way to capture your memories and have your gorgeous phots actually up on display.

Prices currently start from £6.50 so this is a great value option for original bespoke wall art.



A Bespoke Star Map

We all love to celebrate our children don’t we and the day they were born is a day we all love to revisit. I recently made my son a star map of the day and location he was born as a gift for his 16th birthday.

At My-Picture.co.uk you can actually create a piece of art out of any special day that shows how the stars were aligned that day. You can choose the colour what you want to write on it, the date and location and the map will be created for you. You can also pick out the frame.



Benefits of bespoke wall art


Wouldn’t this make a lovely wedding present too with the marriage date on?


And how about a photo face mask?

Okay, it isn’t wall art but it is a sign of the times. How about turning one of your photos into a photo face mask Such a fun idea and a way to lighten what can be a difficult situation.


photo face mask

It is a wonderful thing to create bespoke wall art – it is a way to celebrate individuality and sharing something beautiful.


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