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Best bedroom Wall Stickers – for a budget bedroom makeover

Bedroom wall stickers are an inspired way to decorate when you are on a budget.

Bedroom Wall Stickers

Many people use wall stickers in their kitchen or office and don’t consider using them in their bedroom which is a real shame as they can be hugely effective. Bedrooms are the place we go to rest, relax and sleep and as such, they are our sanctuary. Making them look amazing is so important – they are a place we should love to be.

My bedroom is currently looking a little tired and I long to give it a refresh but budgets are tight here and I don’t have the money to pay a decorator. Wall stickers may well be the way forward. I have been looking at some bedroom wall stickers which I think would instantly add a refresh to my room, let me show you some o I have been looking at form tenstickers.co.uk



This simple lovely wall sticker is perfect for a bedroom. Love Conquers All – what could be more romantic.


This one ‘s rather cool too isn’t it – it certainly makes a statement!


Wall stickers make for speedy room transformations

Wall stickers are speedy and easy to apply. They are also easy to change when you are ready for something new as they can be removed without leaving a mess. Such a brilliant way to add something interesting into your bedroom decor.


This wall sticker adds a real touch of elegance to this otherwise rather plain room

Budget benefits of bedroom wall stickers

Painting and decorating costs money, wallpaper can be really pricy and you would probably want to pay an expert to hang it- all additional costs. Wall stickers are super value in comparison. And if you change your mind they are simple and inexpensive to change,

Bedroom wall stickers can bring about an amazing transformation well under the price of alternative options.


Wall mural decal

You could supersize your wall sticker and go for a wall mural decal instead – they can take up a whole wall and they look so impressive – what a transformation these would make!




A Vinyl Rug

Vinyl rugs make a lovely design feature that can be inexpensively added into a bedroom. They are a fraction of the price of regular rugs and come in an array of cool designs.



A bedroom budget makeover is entirely possible if you think outside the box and consider alternative decor and design



Bedroom Wall Stickers is a collaborative post – You might also like my post on motivational wall stickers

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