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How to create the atmosphere you want in your home

When my children were small I decided to stay off work with them and so our home was really their playground. I painted in bright white and primary colours , had red sofas and colourful buckets filled with toys. All my furnishings were soft and tactile and everywhere was fresh and clean. A stylish friend informed me my home look ed like a giant playroom. I think she was being a tad sneery but I was actually delighted as this was exactly the atmosphere I was  after creating.

My bedroom is all blues, whites and greys has little clutter and only a simple seascape painting on the wall and as intended the atmosphere is one of calm and peace and rest.

I think atmosphere is really important from a stylish and cool vibe to one that is warm cosy and friendly. Whatever you are trying to pull off in terms of atmosphere it isn’t as intangible as it may seem.


Colours create atmospheres. The Curtain Shop have recently created a guide to meanings behind your room colour. Apparently green is a relaxing colour and orange is all about creativity. I crave the peace of a white home personally-  to contend with the chaos of my family!

create the atmosphere you want

It is well worth thinking what colours convey before committing to them!


I lovely quiet house s but when I walk into a home filled with music I feel a real sense of joy, particularly if the music reflects the person playing it. It tells me they know who they are and what they like and that they embrace and enjoy life.


I think when you see well kept house plants an atmosphere of nurturing and tenderness is conveyed. On the other hand if you see neglected plants then quite the opposite can be conveyed and the atmosphere can change dramatically.


I think if you see lots of electronics and modern gadgets on display ran atmosphere e of fast living and modernity is conveyed, busy  and ‘with it’ inhabitants in a home that is practical and of its time. On the other hand a sewing machine and vintage typewriter convey a slow lived and create vibe.


Scents change atmospheres too. For example the smell of linen can make everything feels fresh and new and lavender makes a home feel peaceful and lemon can make you feel energized.


atmosphere home

So yes we can absolutely create the atmosphere we want in our homes just be impacting the senses and considering what we wish to convey.


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