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10 long-lasting home decor ideas for AirBnB hosts

AirBnB has revolutionised the holiday accommodation industry. But if you’re trying to secure a source of extra income or use it to fund a rental property investment from the site it can be quite frustrating to read all the positive reviews of hosts in your area online while your own space remains ignored. This piece takes a look at some long lasting décor ideas that can help you unlock the potential of your AirBnB rental.

1. Choose a muted colour
While it may be tempting to paint the space with a bright colour such as red or pink, use matured colours like grey and similar neutral colours. Muted colours resonate with everyone. Bright colours resonate with the youth.

2. Mix texture appropriately
Stainless steel and exposed brickwork can create an exciting industrial look in the right space, but in most cases it can leave the space feeling cold and unwelcoming. A good idea is to mix textures. Think of adding stone accents to that steel theme or wooden accents to that marble theme.

3. Explore the cleaning option
While it may be easy to rip up your wooden floors for a new one or throwing carpets over it, you may be best served simply polishing and varnishing the floor and putting away the carpets. A fresh scent and an air of maintenance is often enough to earn good reviews and start earning money that can go towards your mortgage.

4. Decorate the walls
While it may seem a good idea to leave the walls bare, hanging up a few framed pieces of art can instantly transform the feel around a space. Focus on abstract art instead of human or animal art to maintain the feeling of neutrality.

5. Use drawers and multi cabin wardrobes
One of the best things you can do for your AirBnB space is to cut down on the clutter. Even if you don’t have your own clutter inside the space, your guests can begin to feel disillusioned with the space if there is not enough space for their items. Well-designed multi-cabin drawers and wardrobes are a good solution for keeping the space clutter free.

6. Proper Lighting
Poorly lit spaces feel awkward and could feel dirty regardless of your best efforts. A good neutral lighting strategy is to have bed lamps, ceiling lamps, desk lamps and floor lamps in the room. This will fully light up the space while allowing personalisation.

7. Consider Entertainment
A space that has additional chairs, a music player and some cocktail supplies will impress guests who may be expecting to socialise with friends while staying in your apartment.

8. Throw in minor details
Minor details like flowers, notes, good books to read on the shelf are all a great way of creating a personal connection which is something many guests crave.

9. Create visual demarcations
In a space that serves as both the living room and dining, subtle demarcations like a rug or waist high book shelf can draw the distinction.

10. Use blinds
Curtains are great but blinds can instantly improve the aesthetic appeal of the space.



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  1. Cindy Hoffman
    February 19, 2016 / 8:16 am

    Lots of fun and creative ideas there. I am really into the idea of using drawers and multi cabin wardrobes and of course throwing in minor details; flowers and some DIY crafts are just perfect for this.
    Thanks for sharing the inspiration.


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