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How to easily find a venue to meet your needs

Have you heard of Venuefinder?

It really is the most useful of services. Basically it helps find the ideal venue for you without all the hassle. Because really finding a venue can be a huge hassle, can’t it, trawling websites and making endless enquiries and taking pot luck that searching for the right venue can entail.

I remember trying to book our wedding venue and honestly I wasted hours and hours of my life that I really will never get back. Places were booked, or too small, or didn’t answer, so I had to wait till they returned my call. Some had no car park, others would not cater a purely vegetarian wedding, oh it was a shambles. By the end of it I was ready to pack in the whole idea of a wedding. It was frustrating and inconvenient and beyond boring.

easily find a venue


Venuefinder takes away all this wasted time and is a really useful and efficient way of searching for venues to meet your needs.  Venuefinder.com has a free database of over 15,000 UK and international venues. You can search by location, type of venue, capacity, cost, etc, so you whittle out all the ‘wrong’ places immediately.

It is free to register as a member to use the database and it affords you some great perks such as special deals and offers.

You can also (and this would have HUGELY helped me) use their  venue finding service which basically consists of experts who will find you a selection of venues to meet your needs. Such a time saver!  They will even negotiate rates on your behalf to get you the very best deal.

I think that is a service that is so useful I wish I had known about it,

In regard to our wedding we basically ended up following a friend’s recommendation and it worked out fine but oh my goodness the waste of time and energy ! And we really did pay an awful lot for what we had got and I am sure there was a better deal out there to be had.

How do you find a venue to meet your needs?  I’d love, as always, to hear your stories.


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