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How to Return Large Items

Today – How to Return Large Items

Christmas might be a distant memory now, however some of us are still playing catch up. There are those that are still trying to get gifts out to loved ones, while others are returning items that might not have been quite right for us.

If you’re among the latter group that are planning on sending items back and you’re trying to work out how to go about getting the larger items to where they need to go, here is a look at how to go about it.

How to Return Large Items

How to Return Large Items

Plan Ahead

Having a clear idea of any dates that items need to be returned by is important. Knowing the deadlines can give you an opportunity to book in your courier. Also, this gives you the opportunity to arrange carefully packing your item up and getting it ready to send.

Clever Packaging

Before you can post your package, it’s important to ensure it’s packaged well. Look at the items you’re intending to send and assess what you need to ensure it’ll be protected in transit.

While couriers always handle your parcels with care, they could move about while en route, so choose its container carefully. If it’s particularly large, will it need more than a sturdy box? If so, will layered board work?

From there, you can then pack in what you need to protect it. Scrunch up some paper or add some polystyrene to cushion it.

Select Your Courier

The courier you choose will largely depend upon on whether they are the one that works with the place you intend to send a parcel to. You can search for the retailer or company you’re sending the item to and find out which courier they use.

In this case, the courier will offer a range of useful services for you to make sending your item back as easy as possible. For example, you could be offered the opportunity to quickly find the parcel you want via typing in the barcode and then you can print off the return label at home and easily arrange to send it where it needs to go.

Similarly, some delivery brands will have a dedicated tracking system in place. This means you can follow its journey and know it arrived safely using the courier’s tracking tech.

In instances where there is no set courier for the item you’re returning, you can compare and contrast the different services on offer from couriers. This way, you can get an at-a-glance look at what’s available.


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