How to update your kitchen on a budget

How to update your kitchen on a budget

How is your kitchen looking? Mine is looking a bit shabby I have to say. A door is slightly hanging off a cupboard, the fridge is covered int he kids bits and bobs, the tile paint is peeling a little and it definitely needs painting.

I so wish it looked like the image belpw but sadly no!

update your kitchen on a budget

Oh dear.

It really is looking a bit uninspiring and is most certainly in need of an update.

Oh, where to start though without throwing too much money at the project?

I like a kitchen that looks glossy and minimalistic and with everything ordered and organised. My key concern is for it to look pristine and be really functional.

A good declutter is probably my most important first step in a budget makeover.

But I have bigger plans.

My kitchen has been in for years and years and I really would like to look at changing the units.

Over at Kitchen Warehouse there are a varitety of bespoke kitchens at warehouse prices avaiable. It really isnttrue that a new kitchen has to cost an aboslute fortune. These are fabulous!  They have an array of kitchen units high gloss handleless kitchen units to hand-painted traditional kitchen cabinets – you can jchoose your colour and the arrangements you want to suit you.

High gloss is definitely a style I like, I think modern kitchens look so sleek and shiny and clean.



I always thought I’d want a whilte gloss kitchen but I do think the grey looks super smart too.



Oh, choices , choices , choices. There are so many!

How do you decide on a new kitchen? I often look round various interiors blogs for inspiration when I am planning on changing my home, I like to look in interiors magazines too and of course there is Pinterest!

Where do you find inspiration and do you have any kitchn update tips?



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