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Unusual ways to attract wealth into your home

Unusual ways to attract wealth into your home, ways to attract wealth into your home


Unusual ways to attract wealth into your home – some top tips

There are actually a number ways to attract wealth into your home.

Here are a few of the more unusual ideas:

Feng shui

Feng shui is a Chinese philosophy. It directs you to use various methods to create an environment that attracts energies of wealth and prosperity into your home.

Acocording to feng shui you need to create a money area in your home normally in the areawhere you work on your finances. In this area you need to use mirrors, plants, and other small icons that symbolize prosperity. You should also include elements like wood, which represent money and wealth. The colour blue and pictures of rivers, lakes, and oceans should also be present. Symbols of fish or even an aquarium are also meant to attract money to your home.


Emeralds are the gem when it comes to the birthstone for May and they are the most amazing of gems.  Emeralds are said to bring energies of health, loyalty, fertility, and wealth into the wearer’s life.  Some of them are worth an absolute fortune  Elizabeth Taylor’s acclaimed Emerald pendant is worth $6.5 million! Now having that in your home would certainly make you wealthy, wouldn’t it! Why not try wearing a simple emerald ring or pendant and see what it brings into your life you could even hang one in your window to catch the light.


A money tree

A money tree plant is a symbol of good luck and good fortune and is a sweet thing to keep in your home. You never know what might happen. Folklore says if you pop a coin in the soil this lopvely plant will bring you wealth and good fortune!


Crystals as a way to attract wealth into your home

Crystals are believed by many to have amazingly powerful properties. Citrine is meant to attract abundance.  Malachite is said to bring good luck, prosperity, and wealth into your life. Jade crystals are meant to help you make good decisions about investing money. Maybe having all 3 in your home would triple your chances!

Some of these ideas may seem a little far fetched but they have all been asround for a long long time so why not give them a try. You never know! You might also fancy having a go at some of my Chinese Money Crafts


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