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Impactful Changes That Will Make a Big Difference to How a Room Looks

Changes That Will Make a Big Difference to How a Room Looks


When you are working with a tight budget, you want every penny you spend to really count. There is nothing worse than spending money you can ill afford on new curtains only to realise they have not really enhanced the room. Fortunately, as you will see, there are plenty of ways to spruce up a room without spending a fortune.

Update your skirting boards

Most people ignore the fact that their skirting boards need replacing. They just assume that doing so will be too difficult or too expensive. In reality, neither is true. Online retailers like skirtings r us have brought the price right down. Their skirting boards are designed with the home DIYer in mind, so they are quick and easy to install. Bringing your skirting boards up to date, so that they match your modern décor will make any room look a lot better.


Renew your window coverings

Curtains and blinds are other items that people tend to just live with. Again, this is mostly because they think that replacing them will be expensive. Yet there are plenty of ways to do it on a budget.


Rework a 2nd hand pair of curtains

Modern fabric glues have made making your own curtains and blinds really easy. There are plenty of online tutorials that show you how to do it. Buying the materials you will need in the sales will save you a lot of money. But, it is also feasible to buy 2nd hand curtains and blinds from a charity shop. Taking this approach will save you from having to buy yards of expensive fabric.

Another approach is to simply update what you already own. You will be surprised by how quick and easy it is to make new curtain ties. Edging your curtains or blinds with some new fabric can also work well.


Update your fixtures and fittings

Little things like changing your door furnishings or updating your knobs and handles are easy to do. Often, you can buy these items in bulk which will keep the cost down.


Freshen up your walls

Creating a feature wall or simply changing up your artwork are both projects that you can easily do on a budget. Most charity shops have paintings or prints for sale. If you like the frame but not the picture you can just buy it anyway. After all, you can simply replace the print or painting with something else.

Alternatively, you can get rid of your pictures and use wall hangings instead. You do not need to be super good at crafts to be able to make something that is half decent. Sites like Buzzfeed and Pinterest are full of how to posts and pictures. They are a great source of inspiration.


All of the above, relatively small and inexpensive DIY tasks will make a big difference to how nice your home looks. So, why not choose one project per month and get started with sprucing things up room by room.


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