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Inspiring Home Projects To Jumpstart The Year

Has the New Year inspired you to personalise your home? It’s an exciting time to finally put those long-wanted house projects into action. Whether you have a passion for travel or a love for hats, it’s time to bring your personality to the foreground of your living space. There are a few key ways your home can help you in your pursuits.


Here’s to making 2019 the year about conversation-starting pieces around the house.

Inspiring Home Projects To Jumpstart The Year


Devote a wall or a room to your passion

Let’s face it – visualizing your goals is as important as achieving them. Allocating a wall or a room to feature your passions is sure to feed your inner motivation. Start by grouping items together that reflect your skills, ambitions, hobbies, or talents. Then, think of the vibe you want to create and let that guide you as you move things around the room. Make use of all the variables you can work with: the wall colour, lights, windows, rugs, tables, etc. If you love to travel and like to be reminded of the places you’ve been to or are planning to visit, you can create a world clock by hanging 4 to 5 clocks on the wall and setting local times for different locations on each of those clocks. If you are into meditating, the ideal space for that may be a corner with dim lights and warm-scented candles around an open space that provokes a calm ambience perfect for your meditation needs.


Get creative when organizing

Over time, we all have the tendency to accumulate certain items, such as hats, purses, shoes, or scarfs. It can be difficult to figure out a way to organise and store them while also using them as a way to decorate the room. For example, hats come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be a little awkward to store, so a great way to combat this is by installing hooks on a narrow, but tall area on the wall and placing the hats in a collage format. Another really cool option is to hang cords from the ceiling, then attach the hats with clips.


Dress up your windows

No room is complete without some sort of window treatment – they are seriously important to the overall look of your rooms. Depending on your space and the amount of natural light you receive, you can opt to make the treatments functional, purely decorative, or strike a balance between the two. It’s as easy or as elaborate as you’d like. You can dress them up by adding curtains, blinds, or even valances depending on the theme of your room. If you live in an older house or flat, you may need to replace your windows at some point, and this is a great opportunity to transform the look of your rooms. If you’re looking to give your rooms a more classic and eco-friendly appearance, wooden windows are a great option. Regardless of the frame type, double-glazed windows are ideal because they are inexpensive, efficient, and easy to install windows.



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