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Making your home accessible for older relatives

My grandmother in law was frail in her later years and moved from her home to a residential home. Nice as it was she liked to have a break from the routine of it and really enjoyed visits back to her daughter where she could stay over night and really relax. As she got older and weaker the stairs at her daughters proved too much for her and it looked like the visits would have to stop. What a shame .

To the surprise of us all however they rose to the occasion and installed a Stannah stairlift. I thought this was such a lovely gesture as it meant our sweet Gran was able to keep visiting  and really be part of special occasions. Gran had struggled with the stairs before and sometimes didn’t come because it felt too much. Once the stairlift was installed  it was easier than ever for her to join in.

I had thought  prices of a stairlift would make this a really expensive thing to do and I could not believe it when I found out these stairlifts cost just £7.50 a year to run! What a small price to pay to keep something so important working.  There is not much you can get for that price is there.

Yet having Granny around, well how precious was that.

Accessibility is really important.throughout a home…, wide doorways, walk in baths, backs scrubbers – see a full list of reviews for these at savantmag.com

Stannah are a British family run business based in England, making lifts of all types since 1867 and stairlifts from 1975.



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