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Qwiddle an online piggy bank for kids

Oh I do like straightforward online platforms don’t you!

I was asked if I would like to review Qwiddle an online piggy bank for kids. I was intrigued but also did a little sigh. These sorts of things can often take an age to set up and sort out. Not Qwiddle though. It’s all very straightforward and you are up and ready to go very quickly. basically it is a place for my daughter to save her pocket money online.


I set her up a little account and transferred £2 from my paypal account  into her little paypal account set up via Qwiddle (don’t worry she can’t just do what she likes with it!) I was also able to set her up a little task to earn a little bit more. (My car is a disgrace to be honest!)



She is going to be so excited to see this and can log on herself and easily and immediately see how much money she has saved and how she can earn a little more. What a great idea and I love, LOVE how simple the website layout is for a child (and a slightly frazzled mum.)



I do give my children regular pocket money  but I think it is  great that they learn to do extra jobs for a little more. A good work ethic and learning to track your incomings and outgoings when you are young are great habits to form. They can save a lot of financial problems later on.

When the child wants to spend their money they can either go to an online store (some have special offers for Qwiddle users) and pop in their paypal address (and you pop in the password (don’t tell them the password!)  or the money can be withdrawn to your paypal and you give it them in cash.

All very simple

Qwiddle is free in case you were wondering and just as easy to use on your phone as it is on your PC.

qwiddle 1

I love the simplicity, the financial education and the independence this is giving a child around money whilst still leaving you in full control.

We will be using Qwiddle!

 Special Reader Offer

The first 30 sign ups from this blog will get £10 into their account. Just follow this link to Qwiddle to take up the offer

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