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VonHaus Rose Gold Tool Set from Domu

Rose Gold Tool Set

I have to be honest and admit I am a bit scred of DIY.

My husband’s old toolkit is rusty and fll of dangerous lookign things thti juts have no urge to go anywhere near.

However, I really do hate feeling helpless and I want to be a good role model to my daugther so it really is time timo get my DIY act together.

Domu offered to send me a VonHaus toolkit to review and I was a little scared to be honest. Did this mean I was going ot have to do some DIY Yikes!


Rose Gold Tool Set


This is a lovely set that absolutely does containeverything I would need for simple DIY projects and it is really well priced at £32.99 and it has 170 household tools in it – wow!  They call it ….

The DIY toolkit for everything from hanging pictures to building flat-pack furniture in one convenient, comprehensive kit!

It also comes with a 2 year warrantly which is pretty impressive!

So what  have I been up too?

Well my 11 year old daughter tried it out first. She found a bolt ofn the foloor which had come out of a chair. We easily found the right alen key for it and she was soon putting the chair back together. I was so impressed with her can do attitude  and how easy to naviage this tool kit was!

I decided that if she could do  it I could totally do it too so I got a picture I have been wanting to hang for ages and went for it. So, so much easier than I thought!


Okay bolting back a chair and hanging a picture and a board is pretty simple but it’s a first step into DIY and we felt proud!

Having good tools is so important and this lovely set gets a really big thumbs up for me. I will be trying my hand at some more DIY soon and will keep you posted!


You can see the rose gold VonHaus tool kit here


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