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Should we move or improve ?

We seem to have been having the move or improve conversation for a long while now and there really are so many pros and cons to both.

We have been in our 1930’s semi for 12 years now.

We live in a good school area, it is a safe, clean, affluent suburb and we have a local shops that are really nice as well as some lovely restaurants right on our doorstep.

This of course makes housing expensive and moving within our area tricky.

Improving would give us the space we need to some degree  and probably be less expensive an option but not ideal really as our road isn’t quite right either.

Have a look at the infographic below that considers to buy or not to buy.

It’s quite a close run argument.




move or improve

There are some really useful bits of advice in this infographic.

Choosing a home is a long-term investment and something are so important to consider before making any kind of move. Getting a  conveyancing quote is an important step if you are looking to buy a new home. You need to be really sure you are spending your money wisely and getting a decent property.  Thoroughly checking out a potential new neighbourhood is a must too the area you live in hugely impacts your day to day life.

If you are considering staying put and making improvements then having an architect come round and looking at options is a really good plan and you will be so glad you did it. They may have ideas you haven’t considered and may either put you off totally and encourage you even more.

Exploring thoroughly and doing the groundwork and research is vital to deciding whether to move or improve rather than simply following your heart or acting on an impulse. It is an expensive and life changing process and it deserves the effort of proper preparation.

So will we move or improve? I think we will move but we are going to properly explore all our options.




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