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Garden Furniture Shopping

Over a bank holiday weekend it’s traditional  to get out in your garden and make it look amazing, along with going garden furniture shopping of course.

Sadly it is going to take more than a bank holiday weekend to sort ours out, I’m afraid. We have badly neglected it during autumn and winter and it’s looking a bit worse for wear.

Still, I love a bit of planing so I have been having a really good look at what we need to do and what we need to replace and I have drawn up a little list. There is weeding and planting and cutting back and sowing seeds and replacing some tile and cleaning and pepping the greenhouse and going to the tip, and so on. We also need to replace garden furniture.  It is a pretty huge list!

Sound like hard work, doesn’t it?

Buying new garden furniture is one of the easier options on the list so I ‘ll take that job thank you!

Garden furniture is always so lovely to shop for. As I shop I think about the pleasures of sitting in the garden in the sunshine  and relaxing.  We usually buy wooden furniture but it ages so quickly and we are not so great at preserving it. It is time to try something new.

I have been having a good look this year at rattan garden furniture, which has some great qualities. It is weatherproof, stylish and contemporary and usually comes with cushions so ultra cosy.I also think it looks very natural in the garden in a way that plastic and metal just don’t.

Isn’t this just a lovely way to eat al fresco?

I love the informality of this rattan sofa and table – designers often discuss bringing the outside in but this is truly bringing the inside out. Doesn’t that look comfy?

Such a sophisticated option.

I could even have  a little lie down.


I figure if we buy our new garden furniture early I will have somewhere to recline whilst supervising the rest of the garden to do list!

Sounds a plan to me!


All mages of Rattan Garden Furniture are from Lakeland Furniture



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