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Spring Cleaning Tips for Lazy People


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Brilliant Spring Cleaning Tips for Lazy People

Are you looking for spring cleaning tips for lazy people?

I get really fed up of doing the laundry. It can seem relentless

My kids get mucky approximately 10 seconds after they get dressed and my husband and I seem to get through clothes pretty fast too (we blame the kids and their sticky mitts!)

I don’t mind the actually washing of the clothes, it’s all the sorting, folding and drying and messing about that get me down.

ZipJet  is an on-demand, door to door laundry service. They pick up, wash or dry clean, and return items fresh again within 24 hours. How absolutely blissful.  ZipJet is currently active in London and Berlin but there are plans to expand. It needs to come to Nottingham!!

ZipJet seem to understand domestic goddesses (ha!) like me and has been sharing tips for lazy people (ahem) to get to grips with Spring Cleaning. Here is what they suggest


Be scared into it….

Un’filth’ your Habitat  is a free app which  basically insults and scares you into a deep cleaning spree. This app keeps you on the right cleaning path until the job is done. It’s certainly an original approach!

Let someone else do it

They suggest ordering in  ZipJet from the free app. Your laundry items will be picked up, washed or dry cleaned and delivered fresh again within 24 hours. Sounds good to me.


Delegate it

Trello is  a fabulous free website that allows you to make ‘to-do’ lists, prioritize tasks, and assign them as you see fit. This will make managing the housework so much easier.

Turn your junk into profit

It’s a motivating thought that Spring Cleaning can unearth unwanted treasures that are worth lots of money but then you have to go to all the trouble of selling them. Or do you? The Ebay Valet app does the selling for you.The app is free although they do receive a 30% cut of whatever you sell.

Spring cleaning can be valuable!


And if you are still in a pickle..

If despite it all there is still lots of cleaning to do and you really cannot be bothered  then  there is always the Homejoy network. Here you can find qualified people to take care of the rest of your household chores at a reasonable price.


Some top tips there for us less than keen Spring cleaners!  Have you found these spring cleaning tips for lazy people helpful?  you might also like my post on money saving spring cleaning hacks

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  1. April 30, 2015 / 1:08 pm

    I’m not actually lazy, but when it comes to cleaning I like to have someone to guide me or even order me around. I don’t mind doing all the work if I don’t have to think about plans and schedules. Thanks for guiding me 🙂

  2. geraldine curtis
    October 13, 2015 / 1:04 pm

    The great thing about these cleaning tips is that they don’t require a lot of effort and they’re easy to work into your routine, which means your house can look a lot better without you having to make a huge lifestyle change.

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