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Take the Tyre Challenge Quiz

Have you ever wondered how much you really know about car safety?  I would hazard a guess that as  I am a cautious and sensible driver my knowledge would be pretty good. It will certainly be interesting to find out.


Take the Tyre Challenge Quiz



Take the Tyre Challenge quiz

Well, Kwik Fit have designed a quiz that asks users to complete 8 questions consisting of multiple choice answers to discover how much they know about tyres, The questions will focus on tyres and test their knowledge of tyre care and stopping distances. You can pop over and take the kwik fit quiz here

So what is your tyre knowledge like?  Do share your results with me in the comments below as I am intrigued to know!

How did I do?


My #TyreChallenge results

Oh dear it really really was not good

Honestly, I am so embarrassed.


Take the Tyre Challenge Quiz


I do sincerely hope you do better than that!


Thinking about long journeys

Now Christmas is upon us many people are heading out on long journeys. They need to remember to pack their gifts, stuff to entertain the kids on the way, possibly a change of outfits and definitely a battery phone charger and a blanket just in case. They also need to check their car is safe. This has to be the priority (that’s my cautious driving nature speaking up again – but you know I am right!)


Driving and safety

Gosh, its everything isn’t it being safe.

Before a long journey I always get my OH to check my oil and water and tyre pressure – do you? Perhaps because I get them to do it my own results were so terrible.   It is just so important to make sure your tyres are right especially if it is dark or wet or icy ( basically all the time then!)  Checking my brakes though is not something I really think about although I absolutely should. Did you know you can book a free – no obligation brake check appointment at Kwik Fit

It is a really good idea to take Kwik Fit up on their brake check offer if you are concerned about the performance of your brakes or would like them checked before going on a long journey


Let me know how you get on with the quiz. I am going to learn how to check my OWN tyres!



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