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The Benefits of Curtains

I have long enjoyed the benefits of curtains in my home and there are quite a few reasons why. Let me explain.


Its all about the light

In the bedroom of course you want thick curtains that block out the light and these  can be beautifully textured to add a layer of interest and swishiness to this romantic room. In the lounge though you will want much lighter curtains and perhaps even an under layer of sheer curtains (I am not sure that’s not the correct technical term!)  so you block out nosy passerby, avoid screen glare on your TV and yet still get lots of lovely light coming in. Curtains and the fabrics you choose give you a lot of control over light.


Curtains can soften a room

Modern contemporary furniture and penchant for minimalism means homes these days can look a little on the stark side and not perhaps as soft and comfortable as home could be. Cushions throws and curtains all add some much needed fabric to these clean lines and can be a crucial party of interior design. What’s cosier than pulling across your curtains, lighting a candle and snuggling under a throw?


Curtains can add a crucial design element to a room

There are so many choices to be made in regard to curtains

  • Opagueness
  • Length
  • Colour
  • Pattern
  • Material
  • How they are hung
  • How they are held back

Tying the look into your design scheme will give your rooms a cohesive look  and really pull it together.

Your curtains could also be the star of the show in an otherwise rather plain room – it all depends on the style you choose.


Made to Measure

Made to measure curtains are absolutely key in my opinion to ensuring you get a really super fit that looks amazing, Let me show you some gorgeous made to measure design from British Made Interiors whose curtains are simply beautiful – such a wide range too

Grey curtains like these with just a hint a pattern look so stunning against white



Blue curtains such as these would be  a feature of a rooms design


Curtains are like a work of art – whatever you want them to be.

Keep you warm

Up to 50% of the warmed up air your home can escape through your windows – thick, insulated or lined curtains can keep you warm and cosy and save you a lot of money on wasted heating bills.

How great is that and how brilliant they can save you some money too!


So many benefits of curtains!


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