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The Bigger Benefits To A Lower Cost Of Living

Today – The Bigger Benefits To A Lower Cost Of Living

I love thinking up heaps of little ways to help keep your home thrifty. Even though there’s so much you can do to keep things affordable, sometimes, the sum of all of those small, clever hacks still isn’t enough to make some homes worth the cost month after month. As the price of housing all across the UK keeps creeping up, more and more people are turning their sights abroad to take advantage of the cheaper cost of living offered by other countries. It may seem a bit extreme for a cost-cutting measure, but you might be surprised by how many other great benefits come along with it.


The great outdoors

Let’s face it, some of us spend so much time in roundabouts, restaurants, and shopping centres, that we lose track of all of the non-man-made wonders the world has to offer. A change of scenery to somewhere a little more naturally inclined can make a world of difference in how you spend your free time and how much you appreciate mother nature. Moving to Canada, for instance, is almost a guarantee that you’ll get closer to nature and save money along the way.

The Bigger Benefits To A Lower Cost Of Living


Fabulous food

I know I’m not the only person with an adventurous appetite that’s never quite satisfied. That’s why moving somewhere affordable with a rich gastronomic culture can be quite a good idea. Many people find themselves moving to Spain for its diverse food scene and affordable living.




England is on an island. One trip to the supermarket car park is enough to prove that real estate is limited here. Moving to America is one surefire way to find yourself enjoying plenty of space in your home, in your garden, or just as you’re going about your daily business. You can really get more for less, especially given the highly beneficial exchange rate.


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