The perfect Christmas tree for a minimalist

An Uncluttered Christmas

Christmas tree for a minimalist


If you have a tiny home trying to get a Christmas tree into it can be not so much fun.

It can end up making your space look cluttered and crowded and it becomes uncomfortable with squashed yup furniture and branches sticking in you as you sit down or try and open the curtains.  Christmas is meant o be a lovely and relaxing time and the last thing you want is to feel cluttered and uncomfy in your home.

Christmas does not have to mean clutter.

If you are minimalist Christmas trees can also be a problem; tinsel, baubles, branches and pine needles may just be a complete irritant to you.

Similarly, parents of lively toddlers and wild puppies and nosy cats may also dread having to deal with a Christmas tree.

It is not an essential!

Stop right there with the Christmas tree buying! There is another option.


The perfect no fuss Christmas tree for a minimalist

Have you heard to Tenstickers? Tenstickesrs sell over 6500 stickers for walls and they do a fine range of Christmas stickers. This really could be the answer to all your ‘I like to be festive but no way do I want a tree’ problems. I rather love their choices.

You could go for a stylish tree


You could go for a colourful tree (this one is my favourite)



Or how about a Christmas tree door sticker I was sent one of these to review and I cannot wait to get it up! I love it.


There are a whole host of other stickers too of elves and snowflakes, sleighs and the like, all inexpensive and easy to apply ranging from cute to stylish. What a perfect solution to a minimalist/frazzled parent/tiny home Christmas and the  perfect Christmas tree for a minimalist


Minimalist thoughts

If you are wanting to become more minimalist I have 2 posts that might help you. Here is some advice on how to be more content  and here is a beginners guide to minimalism

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