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The quick and simple garden maintenance tips guide

The dream of most homeowners is to own the perfect lawn. For some people, gardening comes naturally while others continually struggle at it. This guide will be helpful for individuals who never owned a lawn but may have questions on the cost of garden maintenance.

If you are in that last category, I am glad to inform you that lawn care isn’t rocket science.


The quick and simple garden maintenance tips guide

Know How to Mow

We understand the importance of mowing lawns but some people may not know the right way to approach it. You may need to trim your grass shorter or longer to suit the image you have for your lawn.

If you want a lush lawn, mowing the grass helps. You must do this in the right weather because mowing in hot weather may place too much stress on the grass. When the sun is very hot, you should keep the lawn on the long side while you can make shorter trims when the weather is cool.

Wear protective gear always and ensure you pick out debris, rocks, and plastic before you mow, hitting something accidentally may lead to an accident or damage the lawn mower.

While you learn to care for your garden, ensure that you follow safety procedures for yourself and others.


Feed Your Lawn

Most people with pretty lawns are those who nourish theirs every season. The grasses need nutrients, therefore you should not neglect to nourish your lawn with lawn feed.

Use fertilisers throughout the summer to ensure that your lawn remains vibrant because fertilisers are important for a healthy lawn.

The best time to lay fertilisers is when the earth is soft and moist; at this time, the soil is in the best condition to absorb the nutrients. Note that most fertilisers are designed for use in the spring and summer seasons therefore unless the package states otherwise, do not apply fertilisers during the cold months. Doing otherwise may cause pest infestations.


Water Your Lawn

A suitable amount of water is required to get the type of lawn you desire, sometimes, the rain is enough for your lawn especially in the summer but during hotter seasons, you should be careful to avoid dry and hard lawn, water your lawn using a hose as often as you can.

Here is a quick tip: poke holes in the earth using a garden fork before watering. Do not fret if your grass turns brown in the summer, normalcy will return with the rains.


Use Automatic Sprinklers

Installing an automatic watering system will not only improve your lawn, but it will save you time and water too.


Build Decks

With Decking, you create a seating area and remove patches of lawn that demand too much work. Don’t use wood, they demand maintenance, go for wood lookalikes instead. Trex decking is a perfect example. Made from recycled materials, it doesn’t wear out as easily as wood, all it requires is the occasional soap and water treatment and it will look new for a long time.


Choose the Right Plants

Plants do well in different conditions. This means that transplanting random plants into your lawn isn’t the best idea. If you examine your soil type (This may vary from one area of the same garden to another) to find out whether you have clay or sandy, acidic or alkaline soil, this will tell you what plant will thrive and where. Learn about the plants you wish to include in your garden, along with their estimated height and spread. This is important so that you wouldn’t have to trim them all the time to prevent them from spreading out of their allotted space.

Keep Weeds under Control

There are two ways to keep weeds in check: Mulching is the first and requires that you lay a thick layer of well-rotted manure, garden compost, leaf mould etc. around your plant. This system locks in moisture and ensures that light won’t get to the weeds. The second is dense planting; if you cover every lawn space with a plant, where will the weed grow?



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