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What to do when someone smokes in your home – simple tips that help

When someone smokes in your home and you, yourself are not a smoker it can be very frustrating. If you love your home to smell fresh, look clean and be a healthy space smoking is just not really compatible.

So how do you deal with it?

It can be tricky to deal with can’t it because, a bit like everything, it is not always that straightforward.


What to do when someone smokes in your home

When someone smokes in your home

My rule of thumb would always be to banish a smoker to the very end of my garden. I just say ‘oh the smoking area is down there and there is a can to dispose of any butts’ and off they go, clearly informed about what to do and where to go.. easy.

But, what if it’s your partner who refuses to be banished outside each time they want to light up.

Or what if it is their parents or yours and they are elderly and you just don’t have the heart to send them out into the cold?

Here are 5 ways to minimise the damage when someone smokes in your home


Open windows

Get the smoke out your home with opened windows. If the smoker complains they are chilly just smile sweetly and say oh I always do this when someones smokes to remove the smell. It might stop them in their tracks!


when someone smokes in your home


Shut doors

Shutting a door is a very simple way to stop smoke travelling around your home – it will still seep under a door but less so.


Get an air purifier

An air purifier for smoke is a really good idea. Not only do they remove the scent of smoking but they can also help you remove all allergies from your room that are associated with smoke, dust, pets and even mould. They are amazing, discreet powerful tools in your quiet battle against visiting smokers.

Contain the smoker to just one room

Whilst they are smoking I mean I don’t mean for the entire duration of their visit! This will be far easier to manage and minimise the unpleasant effect of smoking on your home as whole and it will be easier to steam clean carpets/curtains after their visit in just the one room rather than the whole house.

Do move rugs/cushions out of that room though prior to the visit as once infused with smoke smells they can be hard to shift.

Even if you just banish the smoker to one room you will still, most likely, want the air in your home purified. The lingering smells can be really unpleasant if you are not a smoker yourself you will feel them far more strongly than if you also smoked


I hope this has helped you know what to do when someone smokes in your home – do you encounter this problem? How do you deal with it?


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