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Top Wall Decals for Kids’ Bedrooms

Wall decals are so versatile and easy to use. You simply peel off the backing paper and stick the decal to a clean and dust-free smooth surface. The main advantage over stenciling or painting techniques is they are easily unpeeled and reusable. They can be repositioned several times without losing their adhesive qualities. Creating your own personalized wall mural has never been so excitingly simple. There is an amazing range of designs and themes to choose from particularly for your child’s bedroom.


Top Wall Decals for Kids' Bedrooms


How to pick Wall Decals for Kid’s Room

You can choose kids decals, like the one I found on starwalkkids to amuse and educate your children. There’s an infinite number of bright, colourful designs to inspire their imaginations. You can apply decals of fairytale castles to create a magical, fantasy atmosphere, add elements from sports they enjoy or use endorsed designs of their favourite cartoon characters. Best of all, as your child grows or moves on to the next fad, the decals are inexpensive and easy to replace.


Best Wall Decals for Kid’s Playroom


  1. Alphabet Letters

An essential for every child’s room is a set of colourful alphabet letters. These are beautifully decorated with cute animals such as a kangaroo, bear and elephant to illustrate individual letters. The decals are produced from a high-quality, environmentally-friendly vinyl printed with non-toxic ink. The vibrant colours won’t fade and easily wipe clean.



  1. Unicorns and Stars Decals

You are spoilt for choice if your child loves unicorns. This economic pack comprises a total of twenty-two elements. Eight unicorns have manes and tails in different styles and colours. Their happy cartoon features are sure to make them favourites. The unicorns measure up to 17cm each while the stars are a mixture of 5cm and 8cm.



  1. Construction Site Decal Wall Vehicle

Children who love playing with their collection of action-packed toy excavators and cement mixers will enjoy the images of these construction site vehicles. The illustrations are pleasingly accurate but in a cartoon style to keep them fun. The colourful collection includes a crane, dumper truck and building site essentials such as wheelbarrows, spades and heaps of cement.



  1. World Map

This colourful illustrated map is so appealing you’ll be tempted to keep it yourself. All the continents are accurately drawn and include the Arctic and Antarctica. Each region is artistically highlighted by its relevant swathes of forests, mountains, deserts and icebergs. Included are beautiful representations of the wildlife animals that inhabit the different areas. Waves and sea creatures complete the set.



  1. Woodland Animals by Azutura

Popular woodland animals such as a fox, squirrel, rabbit, hedgehog and owl are depicted in this decorative collection. You have plenty of artistic scope to create a woodland scene with the varied decals of fir-cones, berries, leaves, twigs and mushrooms. The set is available in a choice of eight different sizes. The high-quality decals are manufactured using ecological non-toxic vinyl and ink.



  1. Pirate Ship and Animals by Decalmile

This entertaining set of bright, colourful decals is ideal for inspiring younger children to send their toys on sea-faring adventures. Cute and happy animals drawn in a cartoon style include a cat, dog, panda, fox, rabbit and owl. They each have a pirate hat or accessories and can be seen hiding amongst palm trees, desert islands or the ship itself.



  1. Dinosaurs by Bumble Bee Print

These large decals with a popular dinosaur theme combine fun and educational inspiration. The superior quality of the artwork in this particular collection provides realistic, colourful images of these fascinating creatures from long ago. Many favourite dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops and Stegosaurus are accompanied by fossils, shells and a prehistoric landscape.



  1. Tropical Jungle (DM-1409) by Decowall

Younger children will soon learn to identify the animals and birds in this charming set. Bold, simplistic drawings in bright, visually-appealing colours depict cheerful lions, elephants, giraffes and leopards. There are even toucans and parrots sitting in a tree. The decals can be wiped clean and are made from non-toxic, environmentally-friendly ink and vinyl.



  1. Luminous Planets by XGZ

These educational decals add a fascinating atmosphere to your child’s room. The nine planets of the solar system glow in the dark. They provide a comforting night-light while promoting curiosity about the beauty of the night sky. They’re perfect for children who are scared of the dark. Simply position the decals on a wall where they can be re-charged by sunlight or lamps.



  1. Height Chart

Recording your child’s height up to a generous 170cm is great fun with this amusing height chart decal with a fishy theme. Beautiful, colourful artwork features a boat with a cat fishing for his supper. Amongst his cheerful friends who adorn the chart are a colourful assortment of crabs, whales, fish, lobsters and an octopus.



Top Pick

All the decals featured here have worthwhile merits but for star quality the luminous planets are particularly interesting. Younger children are sure to like the glowing effect while older children who are developing an interest in science will appreciate the accuracy of scale and artistic representation.



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